Wednesday, April 23, 2014

blue and green stuff

blue green stuff

Here is a pile of stuff collected from my studio craft supply hoard. For my e-course this week, we're going to be creating an abstract art piece using collage. We were assigned random colors to use based on our astrological signs, I lucked out and got blue and green, my two favorites. :) I'm scanning these in and creating my collage in Photoshop. Not sure what it will look like yet, but I'm looking forward to playing!

xo aimee

Monday, April 21, 2014

book cover


This is my children's book cover mock up for my illustration e-course! It was lots of fun to put together, I worked a lot with collaging in Photoshop, which is somewhat new to me. The flowers and branches are hand embroidery, and the rest is painted in Photoshop, with lots of layers. I'm learning so much in this class and being so inspired and challenged by the assignments and seeing so much variety in the other students' work. I like these quirky characters I've created, I definitely want to do more like this one!

xo aimee

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Funspiration: Succulents

Friday Funspiration: Succulents

I love these little guys so much, Ive been drooling over them at Lowes lately! But I'm not the greatest gardener and I hate seeing them die. :( I need to read up on succulent care and create a sunny space in  my house before I commit to making a succulent garden.

Have you had success growing succulents?

I've also been inspired by them lately because our assignment this week for my MATS e-course was to create designs using succulent inspired artwork! Here are some mini, hand embroidered succulents I created for that. I'm working on my final design which I'll post in a day or so. 

stitched succulents

I hope you have a sunny weekend!

xo aimee

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

my MATS week 1 design


Here are the fabric pattern designs I did for week 1 of my MATS class! 
If you missed my initial sketches, you can see them here.
All vector, of course. These were fun, I tried to use some unusual colors that I don't normally use. And, I was limited to only 8! That was definitely a challenge. What do you think? More fabric patterns are bubbling in the back on my mind...

xo aimee

Friday, April 4, 2014

mini quilts

la lune

I've finished some more mini quilts! I'm having lots of fun with these tiny things. 


This sweet, tiny quilts are completely sewn by hand using scraps of patterned fabrics and hand embroidery. My mini quilts are a labor of love, each one is unique and will never be duplicated. 

bottle of time

I've always felt that fabric art is meant to be touched, it contains so much wonderful texture. It's a warm and happy feeling to hold one of these little pieces in your hands or reach out and touch the embroidered details. Therefore, they are not framed behind glass, but simply have small loops on the back to hang them directly on the wall as is. (of course, you may frame them if you prefer. ;)

These little works of fabric art are perfect to add a handmade touch to a small arrangement of pictures on your wall, or to hang above a small shelf of treasures.

You can find these three at my shop today:

xo aimee

Thursday, April 3, 2014

another nature mandala

another nature mandala

warmer weather= more time outside!

Having fun making nature mandalas.
xo aimee

Tuesday, April 1, 2014



Here is the newest little dear custom petite Blythe, Sparkle the unicorn girl!


Sparkle has a pretty hand painted white face with a sparkly glittered horn attached. She has two tone periwinkle blue needle felted hair with an aqua streak, in a (permanent) pretty pony tail with beads. Her hand stitched felt dress is decorated with beads and has tiny attached wings and a felted wool tail that matches her hair. The dress is removable and closes with snaps. Sparkle comes with a hand painted, keepsake tag.


Little Sparkle would love to come live with you!
Find her today at

xo aimee