About Me

Hi! I'm Aimee, thanks so much for visiting my blog! 
I've always been an artist, and I probably always will be. 
I love anything crafty or creative, and also nature, being outside, fantasy and scifi, dreams, weird humor, vegan food and toys. My favorite thing is creating craft and embroidery patterns to share with other crafty people like you! You can find my patterns in my Doodle Stitching books and in my little dear etsy shop (and lots of free patterns and tutorials right here on my blog!)

I'm married to my best friend Josh and we have two little kidlets that keep me busy most of the time. We live in NW Arkansas, though I'll always be a midwestern Illinois girl at heart.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about my work, 
or if you'd like to discuss a freelance project!

aimee0ray (at) gmail (dot) com

♥ aimee

PS, want to know more? Here's a fun interview with me at Bugs and Fishes! 

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